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Play School Equipments
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Structural Sheds in Chennai
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Pre Engineered Buildings Chennai

We extend our warm welcome to you with an assurance of a fruitful experience with us!

We are a prolific and creative company based in Chennai, engaged in fabrication and erection of pre-engineered buildings in Chennai. Our services involve fabrication of PEB structures that are easy to install and are100% acquiescent with your requirements. These have really changed the way in which cost effective shelters have been used to serve the commercial, recreational, industrial and residential needs.

We already have gained a rich experience and reputation in this field by having worked on a lot of projects, some of which are warehouses, factories, showrooms of well-established firms. We have also helped many schools in the city in creating their own sports complexes with indoor courts for racket games. We have also added our magic touch to showroom outlets of popular automobile companies by erecting PEB garages and service centers. Not only this, erection and fabrication of air-craft hangars for a few educational institutions and flight schools and of the companies offering private aviation services form a part of some of our exclusive and unique projects.

To sum up, our services include welding and fabrication of:

• Roofing
• Handrails
• Aluminum structures
• Steel structures
• Structural sheds
• Play school equipments
• Temporary shelter for functions and political meetings

Our business model of pre-engineered buildings in Chennai has been successful and has grown popular because it has some valid advantages. One of these is that it eliminates the need to sign up with an engineer or a contractor for making a temporary shelter. The usage of conventional materials would be ineffective and can also unnecessarily add up to your budgetary constraints. For example, conventional materials like asbestos can spoil the aesthetic appeal and optimum inner temperature especially during hot summers.

However, materials of improved quality and appropriate grade are viable alternatives to those conventional materials for erection of steel buildings in Chennai. Not only this, these materials are eco-friendly and do not involve processes that cause damage to environmental resources. The fabrication is at a separate facility and the on-site installation and erection is done in no time.

The perfect choice of the material and its grade come as a result of guidance and expert advice from professional engineers and material analyst who are available in the fabrication facility that help us with "ready-to- install" sheets for all our projects of peb in Chennai.

These precisely fabricated materials used for erecting steel buildings in Chennai ensure ambience for utmost comfort during all weather conditions. Never mind even if your requirement is high above the average expectations, we have a team of dynamic and highly experienced engineers on board for carrying out the detailing work in case of complicated structural requirements.

All this comes at a competitive pricing structure that is negotiable as per your budgetary specifications. So, if you have an idea in your mind, come to the pioneers of peb in Chennai to bring it to life with greater ease.
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